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Inside The Steam Train Museum

We were approached by Parish Lantern Films, to film a year in the life of Bressingham. The brief was it would be about the people who make the opening of Bressingham possible -  The Bressingham Family.

Episode Two: Special Events - 05/06/20 Channel 5 - 7pm
John and his team of volunteers drive a steam roller to a local country show, Dave has trouble starting a vintage bus, while younger volunteers, Alex and Taz enter into the spirit of the day by cooking lunch in a steam engine the traditional 1940s way.


Episode One: Preservation - 28/05/20 Channel 5 - 7pm
New volunteer Phil learns how to drive a steam engine, despite doubting his abilities. Brian the museum's carpenter repairs a golden cockerel for the Victorian gallopers, but struggles when it comes to fitting it.

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Phil Thompson

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From all of us at Bressingham, a big thank you to Alex, Dave and Ellie for their time and patience with us, as they became part of the family too.

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