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3 Not-So-Obvious Lockdown Trends

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It’s been a year like no other full of surprises, twists and turns.  The lockdown has made some things that we took for granted into dimly remembered relics whilst other things (Zoom, for instance) household names seemingly overnight!

Join us in our review of 3 not-so-obvious trends that we noticed during the lockdown...

Canoeing became massive

This time last year we spoke to Mark Wilkinson AKA The Canoe Man - a bushcraft expert and guide to navigating the waterways of Norfolk by canoe - little knowing that in just under a year canoeing would become massive!

Mid-lockdown it turns out many of us got in touch with our internal swallows and amazons and developed a huge interest in boating and canoeing - understandably the open spaces of Norfolk’s waterways proved a welcome relief from being shut up indoors for so long.

A friend of mine who took the plunge (Ha Ha) and invested in a canoe for him and his family reported that when it was delivered by a leading norfolk based canoe seller they said they were the busiest they’d ever been.

(We tried to get hold of someone at the firm to interview but they’re so busy delivering canoes they didn’t have time to speak with us!)

Like so many of the things on this list it seems everybody got the same idea at the same time!

Fancy Cake sales

Very early on during the lockdown baking underwent a major renaissance with flour becoming a highly desirable item - suddenly everyone was making their own bread, upside-down cakes and scone’s of every description (previously I only knew of 2).

Another interesting conversation that that same friend had was in a Gt Yarmouth cafe which specialised in supplying cakes for events.

Vegetable -cake

When asked how they done during the lockdown, expecting a tale of woe, they responded that making and selling fancy birthday cakes had kept them afloat - their theory being that because people had been prevented from organising big birthday parties they’d cheered themselves up by investing the money into an extra special birthday cake.

Musical equipment

Early on in the lockdown (or Lockdown 1, as it will possibly soon be known) we published a post about creative and educational things to do online - one of them was online jamming.

We weren’t the only one’s who spotted this trend - with people at home with more time on their hands it seems many people explored the possibility of learning a musical instrument.

By July Gear4Music, UK's biggest online retailer of instruments and sound equipment, was reporting an 80% rise in sales compared to the same period in 2019, the suspected source being people taking up music as a new hobby (the same period saw a drop in sales of equipment used in performance and venues though!).

Hopefully most people weren’t choosing things like the bagpipes or violins which, I’ve heard, are pretty painful to listen to in the early stages of the learning process!

Is there anything we should’ve mentioned?

Do you have any thoughts, comments or views on things to do during lockdown?

Is there anything you think we should have mentioned?

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By Alastair Baker at 30 Sep 2020, 00:00 AM