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Summer holiday activities for Kids stuck at home

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We’re only halfway through the summer holiday and I expect some of you with Kids are wistfully pining for them to return to school.

If you ran out of holiday activities for kids in week one then this might be a good opportunity to have a quick read through the selection of games and activities that we’ve found on our travels through the internet.

Educational activities

It may sound oxy-moronic to try to get kids to take part in anything educational during their school holidays, but when the pressure’s taken off many children can sometimes rediscover the joy of actually learning things! 

There are no shortage of great educational website for teachers, parents and children such as where we found this list of 25 activities to keep kids brains active in summer.

The list includes suggestions such as:

  • Make homemade Bubble Solution and experiment with such unique Bubble-Blowing Tools as strings, milk containers, and garbage can lids.

  • Create musical instruments from materials found around the house. Need help? Enchanted Learning provides instructions for such Musical Instruments as a rattle, box guitar, maraca, and rain stick.

  • Have your child follow instructions to Build the Best Paper Airplane in the World. Then ask your child to design an original paper airplane and diagram the steps for constructing it, so another family member can recreate it!

  • Soar into space (the space in your bedroom, kitchen, or dining room) by constructing Science Bob's Balloon Rocket. This simple science experiment using a balloon, string, straw, and tape, illustrates the use of air pressure to produce movement.

You can see this whole whole list and access other great educational resources on

Craft and Cookery activities for children

For Dad’s (or mums) struggling to engage imaginations (their own and their kids) has great downloadable craft kits for as little as 95p.

Satisfyingly for us, being a steam museum, there is even make your own Steam Locomotive model kit!

You’ll also find downloadable guides for building a Hubble space telescope model and making your own Steampunk Dragon hunters goggles (which, I think we can all agree, are this year’s must-have fashion accessory)

As well as arts and crafts activities like these, making food with kids can be hugely fun and rewarding for the whole family (and, occasionally, you’ll end up with something edible!) has a great collection of summer recipes for drinks, smoothies and frozen treats including:

By Alastair Baker at 6 Aug 2018, 00:00 AM