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Vegetarian Easter recipes

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Cheese -potato -pieEaster is upon us! But amid all the chocolates and bunnies and buns and things some traditionalists also see Easter as the first excuse for big, family feast since Christmas (if you’ve all recovered and are still speaking to each other!).

I think the staples of any traditional easter meal are well covered so lets spend some time considering those in your family who have special dietary requirements - whether it’s a teenage vegetarian or an aunt with allergies!

Vegetarian alternatives to the traditional lamb roast

For those indulging in an Easter Sunday roast the traditional choice for the meat eater would always be lamb  - but what about those who don't eat meat?

Slight panic is not uncommon when faced with having to cater for a vegetarian coming to dinner - this mum wrote her own blog about dealing with her teenager's decision to become vegetarian, and questions about catering for vegetarians can often be found on mumsnet.

A little search of the internet revels loads of vegetarian possibilities for your Easter meal which we've included below.

The BBC Good Food website is often the first place to visit for new recipes, so it should be no surprise that it has a great page of vegetarian meals and side dishes.

The Melty Cheese & Potato Pie and Potato, Parsnip and Horseradish Bake look particularly delicious.

If you’re incredibly brave you could risk trying some of those dishes to replace the meat completely in your meal - or alternatively they could be a great accompaniment to your roast dinner.

If there are no meat eaters around, however, the vegetarians can go crazy!

The BBC Good Food website again comes through again with a 3 course vegetarian Easter menu which sounds delicious (I can thoroughly recommend goats cheese and almonds!)

A Wheat free Easter?

It’s tempting for those of us without dietary issues or choices to keep in mind to just dismiss them as “fussiness”, but it’s probably worth remembering that whilst it may represent a minor inconvenience to "normal" cooking practices, to our guest it’s a daily consideration with possibly life and death consequences.

For a truly sociable meal that’s all inclusive you might need to be prepared for allergies and intolerances - so if you do here’s some helpful information:

Allergy UK provides lots of help and advice regarding allergies - this particular post involves a Coeliac sharing what chocolates they find OK. is another great place that you can find out all about foods not containing wheat - in particular which chocolates dont's contain wheat!

You can read about one coeliac sufferer's epic mission to find out if Chocolate oranges are wheat free.

LAst but not least, what would easter be without hot cross buns - in the video on Jamie Olivers site Nicole Knegt, the Canadian Queen of gluten free baking, shows how to make delicious looking Gluten-Free Hot cross buns!


By Alastair Baker at 4 Apr 2017, 00:00 AM