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Norfolk's best winter walks

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Winter -walking

Norfolk is one of Britain’s great places to go for a walk any time of year but if you’re extra hardy it can be an amazing place to perambulate around in winter!

Even the most weather worn should be prepared though, so make yourself a thermos of your favourite hot beverage and read our guide to great winter walks in Norfolk.

Historical walks in Norfolk

For history lovers Norfolk has some of the oldest and richest around.  You could, for instance, try a nice coastal walk up at West Runton where, back in 1990, the bones of a wooly mammoth were found having been unearthed after a storm.

Just south of that in Happisburgh (we’re not going to tell you how to say that - it would ruin the local’s pastime of laughing at visitors mispronouncing it!) a Palaeolithic hand axe was found, it turned out to be some 550,000 years old - amazingly that turned out not to be the oldest thing!

Soon after archeologists found the oldest evidence of Humans in Northern Europe including 900,000 year old human footprints - making the oldest evidence outside of Africa’s great rift valley. (Not that anyone in Norfolk seemed that surprised)

These and more fascinating archeological walks can be found on The Norfolk Heritage Explorer which provides access the a definitive database of the county’s archaeological sites and historic buildings - each trail is accompanied by maps and photographs making it a brilliant resource for walkers.

Short Winter walks

To many the best winter walk will be a short one!  For those less enthusiastic about a chilly amble across our fine county check out Norfolk County Council’s official list of short walks.

The walks are grouped by geographical area and sub-divided into long and short linear walks and circular walks - just like the Heritage Explorer they’ve also provided handy PDF maps which you can download.

Another list of Norfolk walks for those wanting more of a challenge should check out the National Trails website which features 4 pages of coastal walks.  They also have a blog regularly updated by the local Trail Officer, Russell Wilson, which provides fantastic local knowledge and news.

Norfolk walking resources

For many people walking with others can be the greatest pleasure - fortunately sociable types all over the country have organised walking clubs, and Norfolk is no different. John Harris’s website walking in England has an excellent list of Norfolk walking clubs.

If lovely pictures and videos is your thing then Visit Norfolk has got them in bucket loads (the video at the beginning of this post is one of theirs) - that way you don’t have to go anywhere (although the site also links through to Norfolk County Council’s useful interactive trails map in case you overcome your christmas lethargy!)

Is there anything we should’ve mentioned?

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Is there anything you think we should have mentioned?

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By Alastair Baker at 14 Dec 2017, 00:00 AM