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Father's Day Buying Habits & Gift Ideas

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Fathers -day -2017Dads the world over have a habit of seeing themselves as quite easy to please when it comes to receiving gifts - we're pretty sure, however, that many non-Dad family members are left scratching their heads as to what to buy the father figure in their life as a sign of their affection.

As a result we've decided to look into the buying habits of consumers around Father's Day and, armed with some retail industry insight, come up with a few suggestions for hard to please Dads.

Which is busier for retailers: Mother's Day or Father's Day?

Father's Day 2017 is on Sunday 18th of June - generally seen as Mother's Days poorer cousin (or spouse?) it is nonetheless an increasingly important day in many families calendar.

It probably comes as no surprise that Father's Day is nowhere near the same moneyspinner for retailers as Mother's Day.

Some Worldwide sales figures seem to be increasing for the annual event according to retail industry website, with Australia in particular seeing a 22% rise in footfall the weekend before Father's Day 2014.

Countries in this neck of the woods however, Such as Ireland, Germany and Italy all saw decreases in footfall on the same weekend - the UK continues this trend with decreases year-on-year since 2011!

What do people buy for Father's Day?

Everything above doesn’t necessarily mean poor old Dads don't get anything for Father's Day - while the UK saw a drop of 4% overall one year what might be described as traditional "Dad" shops like DIY stores and garden centres saw a 2% increase.

The National retail Federation website as lots of pretty graphs showing the different types of gifts people are buying, With special outings, Clothes and consumer electronics all figuring highly.

Fathers day gifts graph

For anyone running short of ideas this list of 15 great fathers day gifts on is full of interesting and unexpected items, Many of which would be more at home in the kitchen than in a man cave - so it just proves that it's worth thinking a little outside the box (or shed).

Other surveys of shoppers also found that 22% those questioned what are opting for "Experience" type gifts - so what are they when they’re at home?

What Father's Day experience to buy?

The popularity of experience days or outings can be simply explained by the fact that inside every sensible father is basically an over-excited schoolboy!

Often families will club together to buy their dad and experience they will never forget - the exact product they go for may very much depend on that particular fathers personal passion.

Just Google "fathers day experiences" and you'll get suggestions from helicopter and hot air balloon flights, Drive a super car or a tank or, perhaps most temptingly, visit a brewery!

For dads who dreamed becoming a train driver we wouldn't dream of leaving them out, so you can even book a Steam Train Driver experience here at Bressingham.

We’ll even be giving a half-day drivers experience away in one of our regular competitions next week - so make sure you enter!

Is there anything we should’ve mentioned?

Do you have any thoughts, comments or views on Father's Day?

Is there anything you think we should have mentioned?

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By Alastair Baker at 23 May 2017, 00:00 AM