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Dads Army trivia

Dads-army-triviaWe are very proud at Bressingham house an extensive collection of Dad’s Army memorabilia and artifacts, put together in conjunction with the Dads Army Appreciation Society (DAAS) - but it turns out we don’t know everything there is to know about the iconic British sit-com!

We’ve set ourselves the challenge of searching the net for Dads Army related quizzes and trivia to test the knowledge of both casual viewer of the show and the most hardened devotee!

Dad’s Army quizzes ripe for invasion

If you already think you know all there is to know about this classic BBC sit com there are lots of online quizzes you can test your knowledge with - to save you some time here are a few we’ve found:

For an entry level quiz you could do worse than this Dad’s Army quiz on the Mirror website - it’s not too challenging and anyone whose seen more than a few episodes should get a few right.

This Dad’s Army quiz on the BT site isn’t much harder and shares many of the same questions but it does have the advantage of giving a bit of trivia after each answer!

For those who require something a bit tougher try the “Rather tricky Dad’s Army quiz” on the BBC website - there are also some great links to other Dad’s army related content and programmes on the BBC iPlayer.

The hardest Dads Army quiz we’ve found so far is this one on a site called triviala - it asks questions like “Where did Captain Mainwaring live before he moved to Walmington-on-Sea”.  If you’re a real geek give it a go! (I scored 10)

Dads Army Trivia

If you’re not up for the pressure of a quiz but would rather just pick up a few choice bits of trivia here are a few of the more interesting things we found on, a website celebrating the best of British entertainment and culture.

  1. Arnold Ridley is related to Daisy Ridley of Star Wars fame
    Daisy Ridley, who has shot to international fame in the latest Star Wars film as the main protagonist, is the great-niece of Arnold Ridley. Clearly, the force is strong in the Ridley family!

  2. Dad’s Army is the BBC’s stand-by show.
    An episode of Dad’s Army is actually kept on stand-by, for use by the BBC if a technical fault prevents regular broadcasting. Most famously, this fact was revealed to the public on June 20, 2000 when the BBC 6pm News was interrupted by a power outage; Dad’s Army was broadcast instead.

  3. Jimmy Perry wrote the part of Walker for himself
    However, this was vetoed by David Croft, as he was concerned that other cast members would think Perry had deliberately written the best character for himself.

  4. The Americans tried (and failed) to produce their own riff on Dad’s Army
    A pilot episode for “The Rear Guard” was produced in 1976. It was a failure, and no full series was made. If you’re feeling brave, here is a clip you can watch:

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By Alastair Baker at 10 Jan 2017, 00:00 AM