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Visitors photos of Bressingham Gardens

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Occasionally we splurge and hire a photographer to come and take pictures of our gardens and steam attractions, but with so many visitors each week coming and taking snaps and then sharing them on the internet it only took a few searches to find this collection of photos taken by our visitors.

Photos taken by Visitors to Bressingham Gardens

Nicole Priestly came and visited us back in 2014 and wrote a post on her travel blog accompanied by some great photos.

1-N-Priestly -bressingham -gardens -1

Nicole wrote this about her visit to Bressingham Gardens:

“I was overwhelmed with the vast display of flowers and other planting – according to their website there are over 8000 species and cultivars of perennials, grasses, shrubs, trees, conifers, ferns and bulbs.

Wowsers. I don’t really have a particular interest in plants, but do in the design and landscaping so enjoy going to botanical gardens and such.”

2-N-Priestly -bressingham -gardens -2

Horticultural group visits to Bressingham

Also in 2014 Plant Heritage, The world's leading garden plant conservation charity, came to visit us for the Plant Heritage AGM - receiving a tour from our head gardener Jaime Blake:

“Jaime Blake, Head Gardener, Alan’s son-in-law, and member of Plant Heritage for over 20 years, gave a highly informative talk about the gardens, in particular the Dell Garden and the techniques they use for managing the perennials and the gardens, to maintain its history and for the future.”

Here are some of the photo's they took:

3-Plant -Heritage -Bressingham -Garden

4-Plant -Heritage -Bressingham -Garden -2

5-Plant -Heritage -Bressingham -Garden -3

Photos from Trip Advisor

Trip Advisor is a great place to see photos of any place you’re thinking of visiting - our visitors have certainly created a great archive of imagery of 345 images and counting!

These were taken by Nell C. who said Bressingham was a “Superb and absolutely cracking day out”

Nell -C-Bressingham Garden -1-2


Nell -C-Bressingham Garden -2-2

Another Trip Advisor user, Pinkertonx, took the next two images and commented “Came again to see the superb gardens”:

Pinkertonx -Bressingham Garden -1-2

Pinkertonx -Bressingham Garden -2-2

Do you have any photos of Bressingham?

Do you have any photo's or video of your trip to Bressingham Steam & Gardens?

If you do then get in touch and let us know – or you could share them with us on Facebook or Twitter.

By Alastair Baker at 11 Apr 2017, 00:00 AM