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Gardening jobs to get done in May

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May Garden TasksJust before things get REALLY busy in Bressingham Gardens we cornered Jaime Blake, our Head Gardener, to find out what jobs and tasks you should really aim to get on top of during May - Here’s what he told us!

May; a busy time in the Gardens

May is an extremely busy time for gardeners. It is the last opportunity to do many things really.

The first half of May is especially hectic. If you haven't done things by the first half of May it is  time to write them off and start them another year. This is the last minute rush!

5 garden tasks should you be aiming to get done by May

  1. By the middle of May you need to have finished all your things to do with grass. The last chance for grass seed sowing and any turfing. The last spring feeding or application of moss killer.

  2. It is your last opportunity to do anything with shrubs and perennials because the leaves are starting to expand then and they won't have a chance to be making more roots because of the potential impending dry that is sometimes progressive.

  3. The 3rd one  is what I am experiencing at the moment!  You have to be very, very vigilant on annual weeds so keep hoeing or spraying, which ever it is that you are doing because they very soon establish themselves in amongst the plants and they very soon become a lot bigger so try to catch them when they are small.

  4. On a vegetable garden, which is me at home it is a critical time, very late in the day to be doing it, but it is your last chance to get any onion sets in and also potatoes.

  5. The last task is very important to your flower garden generally. It is to get some mulch on. We use composted bark here but anything like leaf mould, garden compost anything you are intending to use around plants. It is important to get it down now as the soil is still damp and you want to be putting as lots of mulch down now to help keep the moisture in.

What are the absolute priority garden jobs to get done?

Personally for me a big priority is to make sure you get your plants moved - either digging up, dividing or moving shrubs - moving plants from one place to another in your garden. If you don’t that now it is going to have to wait until next year!

If you had to choose just one priority job to get done in your garden in May it would be that one - moving your plants - because at least with the weeding you can do bits here and there throughout the rest of the year - but you can’t do that with perennials and shrubs, it has to be done now!

Do you have any favourite gardening tips or stories?

Horticulture is such a massive subject we always welcome suggestions and experience from visitors.

If you do, get in touch and let us know – you can also do it on Facebook or Twitter.

By Alastair Baker at 22 Apr 2016, 00:00 AM