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Steam train xmas presents

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2-Flying -Scotsman -postcard

With the wonder of the internet xmas gifts to suit any niche interest can be found - but it can take a bit of time!

To make life easier for anyone looking for interesting or unusual steam train xmas presents for the steam enthusiast in their life we’ve done a bit of leg (or finger) work on your behalf and come up with this selection.

(Earlier in the year we also recommended a few Steam train related board games which might be worth a look too!)

Steam powered Stocking Fillers (Under £6)

Etsy is a great place to look for steam-related gifts, Brian Parker’s Etsy shop sells dozens of original steam locomotive postcards - most of them for just £1.25 - like this postcard depicting a 0-4-2 standard rack tank locomotive from the Snowdon mountain railway.

1-Steam -train -postcard

We also found another great collection on ebay - UK Cards and Collectibles have huge range of train related postcards starting at £1.99 for rather spiffing examples like the art deco Flying Scotsman postcard in this post's header (I suspect this is a modern reproduction though)  

Heading up the price scale a bit and if you fancy making your appliance look a bit steam-punk you could opt for one of these pressure gauge fridge magnets that we found on for £2.85.

At the top of the tree (or stocking) for £5.70 these period London Underground Diagrams of Lines and Station Index’s should make anyone living in London in the 1960's feel nostaligic.

3-london -underground -map

Gifts for £10 to £35

If you’re looking to spend a bit more for a present that will go under the tree you could consider some of these items:

One of the more bizarre items we found was a store selling Vintage English Railway Track Ties for £12.00 each!

4-Railway -track -ties

According to the blurb “They make great door stops, paperweights or just wonderful sculptural display pieces! Very Minimalist/Industrial!” - they are not going to be to everyone’s taste but someone out there may think they are the bee’s knees!

For something a little more accessible and everyday there are plenty of steam train themed mugs out there - we particuarly liked this steam engine diagram mug for £15.35 on (not sure why the labels are in italian though!)

If there are any budding young steam enthusiasts in your family you might consider this personlised kids watch with train design, again on for £34.10

(If you think this will make any adult steam enthusiasts jealous there’s a few links at the bottom of the page for adult watches)

Gifts from off the beaten track?

For something a bit more unusual (than a railway track tie!?) we started looking further afield at railways around the world.

7-Russian -train -conductor -cap

This Vintage Russian Train Conductors Cap from 1993 is an intriguing gift, although the seller seems to be under the impression Russia was still the Soviet Union at that time (It collapsed in 1991).

On the opposite side of the iron curtain, over in America, you could take a look at this online store of old railroad watches - although be prepared to pay some shipping.

And finally, we’ll end where we began with some postcards - although this set of 8 beautiful vintage 1930’s Postcards depicting Speed Marvels of the age is a bit pricier than the one’s we started with (but they are very pretty!)

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By Alastair Baker at 23 Nov 2016, 00:00 AM