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Outrageous Halloween Costumes & Decorations

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Halloween -decorationsIt’s not long until Halloween and our Bressingham Scream event so what better time to take a look at this macabre celebration’s history and some of the best costume and decoration ideas we could find in the world of inter-web!

A Quick History of Halloween in Britain

Halloween has been around in some form in Britain since Celtic times, who believed that October the 31st was the border between the living and the dead. They called this ‘Samhain’, the border between summer and winter.

They believed the dead would visit the living and they lit sacred bonfires to ward off evil spirits.

When the Romans arrived they incorporated some of their own ideas into the existing traditions -  Apple bobbing is a Roman addition in honour of Pomona, the goddess of fruit and trees who was symbolically represented by an apple.

When Christian beliefs and ideas spread across Britain Pope Gregory moved the celebration of All Hallows Day from May to replace ‘Samhain’. All Hallows Day was a celebration to those who died for their beliefs, the evening before this celebration was named ‘All Hallows Eve’ hence the name ‘Halloween’.

Traditional British celebrations of halloween include parties, apple bobbing, the telling of scary ghost stories by children and the carving out of root vegetables such as swedes and turnips.

Pumpkins and trick or treating are more modern additions, brought over from America mainly by the influence of American films!

The Most outrageous Halloween costumes

If you are a little short of inspiration this year for your halloween costumes, whether you are an adult with a party to go to or your children are out trick or treating, check out some of these ideas.

Halloween -costume -1 Halloween -costume -2
Halloween -costume -3 Halloween -costume -4

These images came from this post featuring 40 amazing Halloween costumes (sometimes slightly disturbing too, so be warned!) - We’ve chosen some of the more readily achievable ones!

Easy Halloween decoration ideas

There is a great selection of decoration ideas available on the web if you are thinking of hosting a party or simply getting into the Halloween vibe.

From the downright scary to the eerily beautiful Good housekeeping has a great selection of ideas that are relatively easy to do (some even include tutorials).

Halloween -Decoration -1 Halloween -Decoration -2
Halloween -Decoration -3 Halloween -Decoration -4

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By Alastair Baker at 18 Oct 2016, 00:00 AM