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Making the perfect Mother's day bouquet

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Mothers -day -bouquetMother’s Day is just round the corner, and everyone knows, next to Valentines day, it’s a big occasion for buying flowers.  At Bressingham we’re more used to dealing with flowers in beds, not in bunches so we thought we’d call Jane at Jannie Jane’s floristsjust round the corner in Diss, to get an expert's advice on what makes a great Mother’s Day bouquet.

She’s been running Jannie Janes Florist for about 10 years, having been involved in floristry for 30 years. She started as YTS in London and went on to attend Tottenham College to study floristry - so she knows her flowers!

How do you choose the perfect Mother’s Day bouquet?

Mothers day flowers are there to put a smile on your mum's face! To show her she appreciated!  It shows how much you love your mum.

There all sorts of different flowers you can give on Mother's Day, there are no set rules. Pinks and purples are very popular and flowers such as Roses and Lilies are in demand. The flowers you chose should be that little bit more special to show your love.

Arrangements can be made from the flowers your mum likes best. Some people like bright colours.  A mum’s eyesight’s may be going a little bit so we can make an arrangement with strongly perfumed flowers.

I always ask what flowers they don’t like, for example some people don’t like Lilies because of the smell.

If you need some inspiration you can visit my website where I have pictures of basket arrangements and bouquets.

Tips for a really special arrangement

  • Find out what your mum likes and doesn’t like.

  • If you’re feeling a little overwhelmed look on the Jannie Jane website for ideas. Phone us up or pop in and have a chat. I am always willing to help.

  • Get your orders in early, so I can order the flowers your mum really likes.
    Although I have a good selection of flowers in the shop if you order a little earlier you have the choice of something a little special or different. If you want Orchids or some other exotic flower I can always get them in for you. 

  • Consider when and where you want delivery.  I can deliver on Saturday or Sunday for Mother’s Day. Deliver can be arranged to arrive at the restaurant where you are having your special meal or to their door, whatever you like.

Tips to keep your Bouquet looking good for longer.

There are a few things you can do to keep your flowers looking beautiful for longer

  • Feed your flowers. You can use flower food, but the best thing to keep flowers alive is lemonade in the water. Mix a small glass of  lemonade into the water. You can’t beat lemonade. Don’t use Diet lemonade though as they need the sugars.

  • Remove any foliage that will end up below the water as it will rot quickly and spoil your flowers and dirty the water.

  • Change the water every couple of days.

  • When you change the water cut the stems so they can still keep drinking. Their stems get clogged up otherwise.

  • Keep the flowers away from heat. Don’t place them close to a radiator or fire.

  • Keep them away from strong drafts.

Is there anything we should’ve mentioned?

Do you have any thoughts, comments or views on Mother's Day gifts?

Is there anything you think we should have mentioned?

If there is get in touch and let us know – you can also do it on Facebook or Twitter.

By Alastair Baker at 26 Feb 2016, 00:00 AM