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School trip's at Bressingham

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School -TripsWe have many schools visiting us, mainly from all over Norfolk and Suffolk but sometimes further afield.  They tend to come at the beginning or end of term to find out about things like the importance of steam during the Industrial Revolution or, if they are learning about the Second World War, the Home Guard.

Often teachers are fitting in their trip with the school’s syllabus or a specific topic such as "What the Victorians did for us", how everyday life was lived during the war or how the home guard helped or how railways influence the Industrial Revolution and travel within the United Kingdom.

So What is it that we think keeps bringing them back to Bressingham?

What do children learn at Bressingham that surprises or amuses them?

Some of the things school children learn which surprise them are the less obvious effects Steam travel had in Britain, such as how, before railways, fish and chips wasn’t the national dish.

It wasn’t until steam locomotives meant you could get fresh fish to all areas of the country before it went off that this was possible nationwide,

The Railways also brought standardisation of time. Before rail travel and the need for accurate timetables existed, time across the UK was based on when the rose and set sun and therefore varied across the country. Well, you couldn't run a timetable like that!

Probably the most amusing thing for the Children is discovering that the wheelsets on carriages and loco’s are called "bogeys". that always makes them laugh!

A ride on Bressingham’s famous Gallopers is possibly the thing they like most though - most of the teachers enjoy it too.

What are the most common concerns you’re asked regarding school trip risk assessments?

We offer a free visit for teachers planning a trip to Bressingham, so they can have a look round and check everything is as they want it to be.

We have a pre-written risk assessment that we can give to the teacher just to make sure that the children are safe and to assess the risks of travelling locomotives.

Since we do this every day for the general public, teachers are usually more than satisfied that we have everything under control, but we’re always on hand to answer any specific concerns they have.

St.Trinians or Hogwarts?

That's really hard because I can see that there would be fun to be had from receiving a visit from either school, but I'd probably have to go for a visit from Hogwarts.

They've already been on the Hogwarts express to go to school, so they already know the greatness of steam locos. Bressingham should make them feel very much at home!

Are you considering coming to Bressingham Steam & Gardens for a School Trip?

Is there anything you think we should have mentioned?

If there is get in touch and let us know – you can also do it on Facebook or Twitter.

By Alastair Baker at 8 Oct 2015, 00:00 AM