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Our Favourite norfolk bonfire night events 2015

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Guy fawkes nightThe most quintessentially English of Annual celebrations, Guy Fawkes Night or Bonfire Night has been a macbre highlight of the year for many people (or a dreaded night of loud bangs and frightened pets for others!)

Originally called Gunpowder Treason Day (catchy!) the annual celebration began a few decades after the failed attempt in 1605 to blow up the Houses of Parliament in order to assassinate King James I by a group of angry Catholics - of whom Guy Fawkes was one.

Finding a Norfolk Bonfire Night to remember

It wasn’t until around 1850 that the anti-catholic angle began to lose it’s vehemence, and by the mid 20th Century the occasion could be enjoyed by all creeds who enjoy watching stuff burn!

There are no shortage of Bonfires and Fireworks to choose from in Norfolk - to make life a bit easier for you I’ve put together this post listing a few of our favourites here at Bressingham!

Big Boom fireworks event, Norwich

This free event in Norwich, organised by Norwich City Council, has been lighting up up the city sky since 2011.

Norwich seems to like a good fireworks display - They also have a massive one every year for their Lord Mayors Procession (there was much grumbling when that display was cancelled one year!).

The Big Boom event follows this tradition of sending tax payers money up in smoke in the most delightful way!

The fun will start at 7:30pm, the fireworks being set off from Norwich Castle right at the centre of the city.

Corpusty Bonfire Night

Corpusty Bonfire night is another free event, and probably my favourite.  The small North Norfolk village play’s host to one of the biggest bonfire’s I’ve ever seen!

The whole centre of the modestly proportioned village is given over to an evening of pagan-like bonfire ritual, fantastic fireworks and Corpusty school’s very own samba drumming group.

Parking is free (although a bit squelchy) and food and drink reasonably priced - just remember to put a donation into the bucket!

Hunstanton Bonfire night

Hunstanton Bonfire night offers a slightly more conventional alternative to the sheer bedlam of Corpusty - but fireworks by the sea is something special to behold.

Entry costs £5 for an adult or £2 for children & OAPs (a car load costs £15, so make sure you squeeze them in!) for which you get fairground rides, stalls and numerous catering stands open from 5pm.

How to find Norfolk Bonfire Night events near you

Above are just 3 of our favourite events, but Norfolk’s a big county so if none of them are convenient for you the Evening News has a handy map detailing the locations of popular bonfire night events.

Although many of them have previous years dates, it’s a good place to start to see what’s going on!

Good luck and stay safe!

Are there any local places or events you think we should know about?

If you’ve particularly enjoyed any places or events in Norfolk or Suffolk let us know.

We always like hearing about other local attractions!

If there is get in touch and let us know – you can also do it on Facebook or Twitter.

By Alastair Baker at 14 Oct 2015, 00:00 AM