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Mother's day treats

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Mother -day -treatsBressingham Steam & Gardens is generally not open on Mother’s Day - why is this?

Is it an obstinate refusal to cash in on another tradition or a bid to save Mum-kind the trauma of being surrounded by train-spotters on their special day?

The truth is we like Bressingham Steam & Gardens to be seen at its best which is full of mechanical wonders and beautiful flowers.

That doesn’t usually happen when Mother’s Day occurs at the beginning of the year, so we choose not to open when we’re not at our best.

So what will we be doing instead of holding Mother’s day events?

Jamie, our head gardener, has been working in the Gardens throughout the winter to give everybody the best view in the summer.

The Bressingham railways and the boilers undergo winter maintenance, being taken apart at this time too for, so that they can give us a couple of hundred days of non-stop service when we open without falling apart!

Bressingham is best open in the better weather and when the gardens begin to sprout and come alive so we close for the winter periods to enable the gardeners to maintain the garden.

We’re not off the Mother’s Day hook completely though...

Obviously, not being open on Mother’s Day means we have no excuse for not doing something for our own mum’s!

I’ve got seven (!?) brothers so my mother is kind of covered on Mother’s Day -  so I (very kindly) give her an invitation to visit Bressingham during the year (I don’t even charge her!) and, as I bake, she tends to take away a couple of cakes too.

I leave my siblings to visit with their children - I take her out for some nice trips during the year as my contribution!

Places to visit near Bressingham for a Mother’s day outing

I think mothers like to be pampered.  They do so much for everybody during the year, so it’s only fair they’re made a fuss of on Mother’s day.

So why not take your mum out somewhere to eat, somewhere nice and warm?  Or, if your mum is more of a nature-lover, go for a brisk walk through the countryside or the woods first.

Take your mum somewhere nice so that she can be let off the chores for the day and treat her to something special.

The nearest major attraction to us is the zoo at Banham, or just a walk through the Waveney Valley, or there’s a couple of good pubs in South Lopham and Roydon to take them to.

What about Father’s day - is Bressingham closed then too?

And let down all those steam loving Dad’s? No - Bressingham will be open on Father’s Day!

We’ll be open from the 28th of March to 1st November 2015, so Father’s Day will be part of our opening season between Easter and the end of the October half term.

We’ll be steaming as many things as we can on Father’s Day and tempting Dads to have footplate rides, to talk to the drivers and maybe they’ll want to become a volunteer!

Are there any local Mother's Day Treats you think we should know about?

If you know some particularly speacial Mother's day treats to be had in Norfolk or Suffolk let us know.

We always like hearing about other local attractions!

If there is get in touch and let us know – you can also do it on Facebook or Twitter.

By Alastair Baker at 19 Feb 2015, 18:30 PM