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Mother's day cake recipes for Dad & the kids

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Mothers-day-cake-recipesWhich do you think most Mums would prefer: flowers or cake?

I think every mum probably deserves both - but between flowers and cake I definitely think mums deserves cake!

(bearing in mind that I run Bressingham’s cafe, where cakes figure highly on the menu!)

Making cakes with my Mum

If I go anywhere to eat I must to have ready access to cake - My ideal meal would be a starter and two puddings!

I can remember actually baking cakes with my mum probably at the age of four or five.

I can remember sitting on the bench with a wooden spoon and being asked to stir stuff and generally sort of making a mess and getting involved before I was tall enough to reach the bench.

I can remember sitting down and being in charge of wooden spoons then. I just carried on doing that really.

I think many people are frightened of baking, but as long as you roughly weigh out your ingredients and don’t open the oven when you’re cooking, anyone can bake a cake and learn from their experience.

I’ve also always enjoyed trying to replicate new things I try when out and about, for example I went to Cromer last year and came across a great cake in the National Trust tea room and decided “right, I’ll give that a go”.

What’s a good cake for a Dad to make with the kids?

The most important things for any Dad planning on making a cake with the kids is to remember are:

  • Keep it simple

  • Keep it easy

  • Don’t try to create the Eiffel Tower in cake.

Go for something simple, an old classic that anybody can do and and is delicious.

I think if you’re an inexperienced Dad baking with the kids it’s great to make a simple sponge.

Grab a wooden spoon and a bowl and if you don’t have a bowl, make it in a saucepan!

You can whack all the ingredients; your eggs, flour, sugar and fat in together and stir, or you can do it the more conventional way - Creaming the fat and sugar, then adding the eggs and flour.

Once you’ve made the mixture pop it into some little muffin or cupcake cases then the kids can decorate them afterwards individually - making it a really special, unique Mother’s day treat.

And remember, even if it doesn’t go entirely to plan the most important thing is that Dad and the kids made a special effort for Mother’s Day, putting all of the love (if skill and experience are lacking) that they have for Mum!

What are your favourite Cakes?

Do you have any thoughts, comments or views on the ideal Mother's day cake recipe?

Is there anything you think we should have mentioned?

If there is get in touch and let us know – you can also do it on Facebook or Twitter.

By Alastair Baker at 5 Mar 2015, 18:30 PM